UC San Diego Probability Seminar, 2019-2020

The Probability Seminar is held on Thursdays from 11:00-11:50 AM in AP&M (Applied Physics and Mathematics), Room 6402.

Fall 2019

October 3: Frank Lin (University of Texas at Austin)
Title: Sofic entropy via random hypergraph 2-colorings. Abstract

October 10: Yuriy Nemish (University of California San Diego)
Title: Spectral properties of polynomials and rational functions of Wigner matrices. Abstract

October 31: Benson Au (University of California San Diego)
Title: Finite-rank perturbations of random band matrices via infinitesimal free probability. Abstract

November 7: Wenpin Tang (University of California, Berkeley)
Title: Functional inequalities of Infinite swapping algorithm: theory and applications. Abstract

Winter 2020

January 9: Alexander Dunlap (Stanford University)
Title: Stationary solutions for the stochastic heat, KPZ, and Burgers equations. Abstract

February 6: Alex Hening (Tufts University)
Title: Stochastic persistence and extinction. Abstract

February 20: Steven Heilman (USC)
Title: Independent sets in random graphs and random trees. Abstract

March 12: Elliot Paquette (The Ohio State University)

Spring 2020

April 30: Erik Bates (University of California, Berkeley)