Annotated Scene from RayTrace2

 The RayTrace software is freely available software that accompanies the book 3D Computer Graphics: A Mathematical Introduction with OpenGL, by Sam Buss, Cambridge University Press 2003.  The front cover image of the book is a modified version of the picture with the front Bezier surface removed and one of the interlocked tori replaced with a Bezier surface.

This is the scene generated by RayTrace2, with the different types of shapes indicated.

  1. Glass Spheres
  2. A parallelogram with checkerboard texture is the floor
  3. A parallelogram with checkerboard texture with bilinear warping forms the back wall.
  4. Spheres with checkerboard textures.  Four more of these are behind the large glass spheres.
  5. Ellipsoids.  Two glass and with checkerboard texture.
  6. Right Cylinders, one with checkerboard texture.


  1. Two non-right cylinders.  Glass, leaning together.
  2. Parallelepipeds.
  3. Right cones.  One has a checkerboard texture.
  4. Non-right cones.  Glass.
  5. Two tori, interlocking.  One is glass.
  6. Bezier surfaces.  The one in front has yellow exterior and checkerboard interior.  The one in the back right is perfect mirror.  Both are rational surfaces and have circular cross-sections.

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