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Tom Grubb

Email: tgrubb[at]ucsd[dot]edu
Office: Applied Physics & Mathematics 5760
Mailing address: Please don't send me physical mail

I am a fourth year PhD student in the math department at UCSD working with Kiran Kedlaya. My interests are in algebraic and computational aspects of geometry, number theory, and combinatorics. This page was last updated on 8/21/2020.

Here is a (not necessarily updated) copy of my CV. If you need a more recent one for some reason, please email me.

Papers and preprints:

An asterisk denotes undergraduate authorship; the first four articles were from my undergraduate work. Some preprints available by email.

Current Projects/Things I'm Thinking About (feel free to email with any questions):

Expository Writing

Expository Talks

Here are some slides for various expository talks I have given. Who knows how helpful the slides are without the accompanying discussion/hand drawn diagrams, but perhaps they are interesting to someone.

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