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Zilu Ma

Email: zim022 "at" ucsd dot edu
Office: APM 1240

My name is Zilu Ma and I am a fifth year PhD student in Mathematics at UCSD. My advisors are Professor Bennett Chow and Professor Lei Ni. I did my undergraduate studies at Xi'an Jiaotong University.

I am interested in geometric analysis and Ricci flow in particular.

Current Teaching

Research Papers

  1. On Ricci flows with closed and smooth tangent flows
    (with Pak-Yeung Chan and Yongjia Zhang) arXiv:2109.14763, 2021
  2. A uniform Sobolev inequality for ancient Ricci flows with bounded Nash entropy.
    (with Pak-Yeung Chan and Yongjia Zhang) arXiv:2107.01419, 2021
  3. Ancient Ricci flows with asymptotic solitons.
    (with Pak-Yeung Chan and Yongjia Zhang) arXiv:2106.06904, 2021
  4. Four-dimensional steady gradient Ricci solitons with 3-cylindrical tangent flows at infinity.
    (with Richard H Bamler, Bennett Chow, Yuxing Deng and Yongjia Zhang) arXiv:2102.04649, 2021
  5. Perelman's entropy on ancient Ricci flows.
    (with Yongjia Zhang) J. Funct. Anal. 281 (2021), no. 9. Journal link; arXiv.
  6. On four-dimensional steady gradient Ricci solitons that dimension reduce.
    (with Bennett Chow and Yuxing Deng) arXiv:2009.11456, 2020

I worked on some machine learning projects in undergrad.

  • Zilu Ma, Shiqi Liu, Deyu Meng, et al. On convergence properties of implicit self-paced objective. Inf. Sci. 462: 132-140 (2018) Journal link.


    I taught Math 18 Lecture B in Summer Session I 2021 as a Summer Graduate Teaching Scholar.

    In Spring 2021, I was a TA for Math 103B working with Professor Aaron Pollack.

    I have been serving as the Senior MATLAB TA for Math 18 and Math 20D since Summer Session I in 2019.


    UCSD Differential Geometry Seminar.

    UCSD Seminar on Cheeger--Colding theory, Ricci flow, Einstein metrics, and Related Topics.

    UCSD boot camp 2021 for analysis.