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In Memoriam: Murray Rosenblatt, 1926-2019

Professor Emeritus Murray Rosenblatt died on October 9, 2019 at the age of 93. See memorial website. See UCSD Campus Notice. A memorial service will be held on Friday, November 1, 2019 at 1:00pm at El Camino Memorial - Sorrento Valley Park, 5600 Carroll Canyon Rd, San Diego, CA 92121.

SCAPDE 2019 - Nov. 2-3, 2019

The Southern California Analysis and PDE (SCAPDE) 2019 conference will be held November 2-3, 2019 at UCSD. See conference website.

In Memoriam: Hubert Halkin, 1936-2019

Professor Emeritus Hubert Halkin died on May 26, 2019 at the age of 82. See UCSD Campus Notice.

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Masters Program Application Deadline

The deadline to apply to all three Masters programs in Mathematics (Pure Math, Applied Math, and Statistics) is Monday, February 3, 2020.

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Seventeen Undergraduate Mathematicians Recognized for Academic Excellence by Physical Sciences Dean

Congratulations to the following students awarded the 2019-2020 UCSD Physical Sciences Dean's Undergraduate Award for Excellence: Yuhong Cheng, Yue Chu, Yijie Fan, Yilan Jiang, Emmie Matrirossian, Randy Martinez, Katarina Melendez, Yash Pande, Jeb Runnoe, Keren Shao, Jon Stephens, Haoming Zhang, Xiaowen Zhang, Zehong Zhao, Ruihan Zhou and Yupei Zhou. And a special notice to Tianyi Yu for being one of three UCSD students in Physical Sciences to receive the Selma and Robert Silagi Award for Undergraduate Excellence.


SeminarsMORE ►

Wednesday  •  January 22, 2020

11:00am  •  AP&M 6402

Richard Bamler
    Uniqueness of Weak Solutions to the Ricci Flow and Topological Applications

Math 258 - Differential Geometry

3:00pm  •  AP&M 6402

Eric Lybrand
    The Generic Chaining

Graduate Students in Probability Seminar

Thursday  •  January 23, 2020

1:00pm  •  AP&M 6402

Ery Arias-Castro
    On using graph distances to estimate Euclidean and related distances

Math 296 - Graduate Colloquium

2:00pm  •  AP&M 6402

Mark Alber
    Multi- Scale modeling of deformation of blood clots

Math 218 - Joint Mathematics for Complex Biological Systems and Biomechanics Seminar

Faculty ProfileMORE ►

Rayan Saab

Numerical Analysis

Signal Processing, Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis, Information Theory

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