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Math 142B (Spring 2020)


Math 142B is the second and final course in the Introduction to Analysis sequence. Topics include: power series; uniform convergence of functions; properties of the derivative; Riemann integration; Taylor series.

Using the groundwork of rigorous analysis developed in Math 142A, in Math 142B we give a proper treatment of differential and integral calculus, and applications.

There is no required textbook for the course. However, Elementary Analysis: The Theory of Calculus by Kenneth A. Ross is a good optional textbook. The course material covers roughly chapters IV–VI; but we may cover other topics not covered here. It is available free in electronic form from the UCSD library (you will need to VPN in). Please contact me if you have trouble accessing this textbook.


The instructor is Freddie Manners (email fmanners; office AP&M 7343, not that that matters). The TA is Eva Loeser (ehloeser). [All emails are at]

Class, section and office hours

Lectures are held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 0900–0950. For the foreseeable future, lectures will be held via Zoom.

Section will also take place via Zoom. For now assume this is at the advertize time (Monday evenings); this may be tweaked slightly going forward if circumstances allow.

See the calendar below for section times and office hours.

Virtual attendance in class is mandatory, and in-class activities carry credit. The only exception is if your timezone or circumstances make this logistically difficult. In that case, you may arrange to attend the lecture "doubly virtually" at a pre-arranged time. You must contact the lecturer to arrange this option, or discuss other logistical difficulties.

Section attendance is also mandatory, and credit is assigned to attending at least 80% of section. However, with the TA's approval you may leave before the end of section and still count as attending.

Please note that all lectures, sections and office hours may be recorded in Zoom and reposted to the class.


There is one midterm exam on Monday April 27. Most likely this will be "in-class" but this will be confirmed soon (the other option being take-home). The final exam is on Wednesday June 10, 0800—1100.

Given the remote set-up, some changes to the usual exam set-up will be made, and these have not all been decided. Meanwhile you should think of this set-up as being as close to normality as possible. In particular you must ensure you are free on the dates and time, or alternative times (for logistical reasons) negotiated in advance. Flexibility will not extend to alternative dates or make-up exams.


Homework will be set every week, due by 2359 each Tuesday night. The first homework deadline is on Tuesday April 7; the last on Tuesday June 2. There will be some optional homework in week 10 as exam practice.

Midterm week will have reduced homework loads, but still some homework.

Please note: while discussing homework problems in groups is permitted (and encouraged), your final written-up solutions must be written by you, by yourself, in your own words. If your homework appears to have been copied directly from another student (or another source) that may constitute an academic integrity issue. You also may not post homework questions or solicit answers on the internet.


Your combined grade for the course is calculated as follows.

First, your lowest homework score is dropped. Then, take 30% homework + 3% in-class activities + 2% section attendance + 25% midterm + 40% final.

The letter grade cut-offs will be at least as generous as the following table (but may be more generous). Separately, exam scores may be curved to adjust for difficulty.

A+ A A- B+ B B- C+ C C- F
97 93 90 87 83 80 77 73 70 < 70


In addition to this website, the course has a Canvas page, a Gradescope page and a Piazza site. The sign-up codes for Gradescope and Piazza are listed on the Canvas home page.

You should find all Zoom links for the course on the course Canvas page under the "Zoom LTI" tab.

Provisional schedule

The rough, provisional, subject-to-change course schedule is given below. Note Week 1 starts on Monday March 30, etc..

Week Rough textbook sections Topic
1 4.23, 4.24 Power series; uniform convergence
2 4.25, 4.26 More uniform convergence; differentiating and integrating power series
3 4.26, 5.28 — first properties of the derivative
4 5.28, 5.29 — the Mean Value Theorem; review
5 [midterm], 5.30 Midterm; L'Hopital's rule
6 5.30, 5.31 — Taylor's theorem
7 6.32 The Riemann integral
8 6.33, 6.34 More on the Riemann integral; the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
9 [holiday], 6.34, [review] Memorial Day; —; review

Homework assignments

Those assignments that have not been created yet link to a placeholder.

Week Deadline PDF
1 Tuesday April 7, 2359 p1.pdf
2 Tuesday April 14, 2359 p2.pdf
3 Tuesday April 21, 2359 p3.pdf
4 Tuesday April 28, 2359 p4.pdf
5 Tuesday May 5, 2359 p5.pdf
6 Tuesday May 12, 2359 p6.pdf
7 Tuesday May 19, 2359 p7.pdf
8 Tuesday May 26, 2359 p8.pdf
9 Tuesday June 2, 2359 p9.pdf
10 Never (optional pset) p10.pdf

Office hours

Regular office hours and locations are listed in the table below. However, please check the calendar below for any one-off changes or cancellations.

Instructor / TA Location Regular hours
Freddie Manners Zoom Mondays 2:30pm – 3:30pm, Fridays 11:30am – 12:30pm
Eva Loeser Zoom Tuesdays 9:00am – 11:00am

Course calendar