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Gradescope setup, HP scanner settings

Gradescope report, April 2018

Recommended settings on our HP scanners for different paper colors (for test booklets in multiple colors), and other scanner issues. Gradescope issues, including making Gradescope rosters, instructions for students to facilitate better scans, and rubrics.

Note that the report is about the setup the UCSD Math Department had in Winter 2018. Some parts may need to be updated as our setup changes, such as the new scanners installed August 2018, and upcoming Gradescope + TritonEd integration.

Continuation sheet for exams

Other resources: UCSD's Gradescope license info, Gradescope Help

WebAssign issues, Math 20C

WebAssign report, updated April 2018

How to set up numerous configuration screens in WebAssign and TritonEd. Dealing with login problems, bugs in problems, and other technical issues. Also issues specific to Math 20C, including additional problems similar to those in our previous Math 20C textbooks but not covered in the current textbook.