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120B Spring 2020

Instructor: James McKernan

Office: APM 6260, Tel. (858) 534-6347

Email: jmckernan [at] math . ucsd . edu

Lectures: MWF 12:00-12:50, Zoom

Office hours: M 2-4

Teaching Assistant: Jacob Keller

Email: jjkeller [at] ucsd . edu

Office hours: T 1-3

Teaching Assistant: Jasper Bird

Email: j1bird [at] ucsd . edu

Office hours: T 11-1


Applications of the residue theorem. Conformal mapping and applications to potential theory, flows, and temperature distributions. Fourier transformations. Laplace transformations, and applications to integral and differential equations. Selected topics such as Poisson’s formula, Dirichlet’s problem, Neumann’s problem, or special functions.

Prerequisites: MATH 120A, or consent of instructor.

Text Book: Complex Variables, by J.W. Brown and R.V. Churchill (9th edition)

Provisional plan of lectures 7
Practice questions for the midterm
Take home midterm
Model answers to the midterm
Take home final
Model answers for the Take home final


[03.30.2020]  Hiccups: todays lecture was not recorded.

[04.05.2020]  See link above for plan of lectures

[05.01.2020]  h9 hint added to question 5 (b)

[06.06.2020]  Extra office hours Jacob Keller and James McKernan usual times

[06.08.2020]  Final will be comprehensive with an emphasis on computational problems

[06.10.2020]  Take home final posted