• FARRAND, Scott Michael, The Multiplication Algebra of a Non-Associative Algebra
    1981, Helmut Rohrl (Chair)
  • FEROE, John Albert, Newton-Kantorivich Methods in Nerve Axon Equations
    1974, John W. Evans (Chair)
  • FIERRO, Ricardo Damon, Collinearity and Total Least Squares
    1992, James R. Bunch (Chair)
  • FINSTON, David R., The Algebra of Polynomial Functions on a Non-associative Algebra
    1983, Helmut Rohrl (Chair)
  • FLETCHER, Evan Martin, Holomorphic Mappings and Invariant Metrics on the Unit Ball of nxn Matrices
    1984, J. William Helton (Chair)
  • FOCHLER, Michael, Potential Theory of Random Processes
    1983, Ronald K. Getoor (Chair)
  • FOSKEY, Mark Stephen, Higher Projective Planes and the Cohomology of n-fold Loop Spaces
    1994, James P. Lin (Chair)
  • FRANKS, Edwin Samuel, Polynomially Subnormal Operator Tuples
    1991, Jim Agler (Chair)

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