• ALTSCHULER, Steven J., Singularities of the Curve Shrinking Flow for Space Curves
    Richard S. Hamilton (Chair)
  • AU, Thomas Kwok-Keung, Approximating e-Homotopy Equivalences by Homeomoephisms on 4-Manifolds
    Michael H. Freedman (Chair)
  • AUTUORE, Julie Cecelia, Character Sum Analogues of Real Integral Formulas
    Ronald J. Evans (Chair)
  • BERGERON, Nantel, On the Hyperoctahedral Group
    Adriano M. Garsia (Chair)
  • COMPTON, Robert Christopher, Hamilton Cycles in the Cayley Graph of SN and a Doubly Adjacent Gray Code
    S. Gill Williamson (Chair)
  • COX, Ben Lewis, Algebraic Aspects of Representation Theory
    Thomas J. Enright (Chair)
  • DONG, Rui-Tao, Nodal Sets of Eigenfunctions on Riemann Surfaces
    J. William Helton (Chair)
  • ENNS, Theodore Christian, Hamiltonian Paths, Near Paths, Circuits and Near Circuits in the Graphs of Bianary n-tuples
    S. Gill Williamson (Chair)
  • HONG, Ho Siao, Generic Determinantal Identities and Expansion Theorems by Diagonal Elements
    S. Gill Williamson (Chair)
  • MARSON, Mark Evan, Holomorphic Extension for Solutions of Locally Integrable Systems of Complex Vector Fields
    Linda P. Rothschild (Chair)
  • SANTOS, Rafael B. N. Ferreira, Moving Space-Time Finite Element Methods for Convection-Diffusion Problems
    Randolph E. Bank (Chair)
  • SLACK, Michael David, A Classification Theorem for Homotopy Commutative H-spaces With Finitely Generated Mod 2 Cohomology Rings
    James P. Lin (Chair)
  • TAYLOR, Lisa M., Existence and Uniqueness of Semimartingale Reflecting Brownian Motions in an Orthant
    Ruth J. Williams (Chair)
  • WELFERT, Bruno D., A Posteriori Error Estimates and Adaptive Solution of Fluid Flow Problems
    Randolph E. Bank (Chair)
  • WU, Lang-Fang, The Ricci Flow of 2-dimensional Orbifolds with Positive Curvature
    Richard S. Hamilton (Chair)

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