• ALFANO, Joseph Anthony, The Module of Diagonal Harmonic Polynomials
    Adriano M. Garsia (Chair)
  • BAEUERLE, Frank Andreas, Complexity Theoretic Algebra
    Jeffrey B. Remmel (Chair)
  • BILLEY, Sara Cosette, An Abstract Definition of Schubert Polynomials Extending to Classical Groups
    Adriano M. Garsia (Chair)
  • CHIU, Yukuang, Topics on Prediction and Representation of Stationary Processes
    Murray Rosenblatt (Chair)
  • FOSKEY, Mark Stephen, Higher Projective Planes and the Cohomology of n-fold Loop Spaces
    James P. Lin (Chair)
  • GOULD, Robert Lynn, A Semi-parametric Approach to Random Effects Estimation
    Ian Abramson (Chair)
  • NOWAK, Joesph Edward, Biholomorphic Equivalence for a Class of Generic Manifolds
    Linda P. Rothschild (Chair)
  • TANGEDAL, Brett Allen, The Conjectures of Sands and Stark for Special Values of Abelian L-Functions
    Harold M. Stark (Chair)
  • VAN WAMELEN, Paul Bastiaan, The CM Character of a Hyperelliptic Curve
    Harold M. Stark (Chair)
  • WEENING, Frederick John, Existence and Uniqueness of Non-parallel Slit Maps
    Carl H. FitzGerald (Chair)

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