• AKSOYLU, Burak, Adaptive Multilevel Numerical Methods with Applications in Diffusive Biomolecular Reactions
    Michael J. Holst (Chair)
  • GROMOLL, Hans Christian, Diffusion Approximation for a Processor Sharing Queue in Heavy Traffic
    Ruth J. Williams (Chair)
  • LANGLEY, Thomas Matthew, The Plethysm of Two Schur Functions at Hook, Near-Hook, and Two-Row Shapes and a Class of (q,t)-symmetric Functions Arising from Plethysm
    Jeffrey B. Remmel (Chair)
  • MARQUEZ, Francisco J., On Cayley Graphs for Subgroups of GL(3,p)
    Audrey A. Terras (Chair)
  • MCELROY, Tucker S., Statistical Inference for Model Parameters of Time Series Exhibiting the Noah and Joseph Effects
    Dimitris Politis (Chair)
  • SZCZEPANSKI, Amy F., From Jacobson Rings to the Jacobson Conjecture
    Lance W. Small (Chair)

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