Math 95

Introduction to Teaching Mathematics
Spring 2020

ANNOUNCEMENTS: (most recent at top)  
  • (5-37-20) Here is a lovely solution to the Stair-like Structure Problem Part b from your classmate Nathan N. If you have a solution to that or any other problem that you would like to share, please do send it to me. :-)

  • (5-25-20) Your Week Ten exam will consist of four problems taken from following seven (the problems will be the same as in the list, up to changes in the numbers):

    • Easter Problem (HW1), School Problem (HW3), Clock Problem (HW4), Stair-like Structure Problem Part (a) (HW5), Stair-like Structure Problem Part (b) (HW5), Proof of Gauss Summation Formula (HW7), Proof of Quadratic Formula (HW8)

    Please bring paper on which to write your exam solutions. You may also bring a basic calculator, if you wish. You will not be able to use notes, phones, computers, or any other resources during the exam. Students who violate these rules will fail the course and be reported to the Academic Integrity Office, so let's please just take the exam with integrity and have fun demonstrating what we learned this quarter.

  • (5-21-20) Please remember that you do not have a final exam for Math 95; instead you have a "take-home final", which is actually a survey about Math 95, designed to provide you with an opportunity to reflect on your experiences in the seminar. Below is the survey in both pdf and doc version; you may type or write your responses - whatever works best for you.
    Please submit your completed survey on gradescope by 11:00am on Tuesday, June 9th. Your responses are very important to me, and I will use your constructive criticism to improve the course. Completing this survey is worth 25% of your final grade.

  • (5-21-20) The gradescope entry code for Math 95 is MGB7YR. Please join the class at and submit your "Practice Upload" assignment (to make sure that you will understand how to submit your week ten exam) by 5:00 pm on Tuesday, May 26. Since you will be handwriting your Week Ten exam, the way to practice the upload is to take pictures of four pieces of paper with your phone, convert the files from jpg to pdf, and then upload them to gradescope.

  • (5-8-20) Unfortunately there was an issue with the recording from our seminar meeting on Tuesday, May 5. But the three students who presented their ideas about the clock problem have kindly supplied images of their work. Thanks everyone!

  • (3-29-20) Please note that all class and discussion sessions will be recorded and made available to students asynchronously.

  • (3-39-20) Welcome to this unprecedented offering of Math 95! Everything is online via Zoom. Probably a million things are going to go wrong. But we will roll with the punches. And you are going to learn some cool math!

PROFESSOR:   Dr. Laura Stevens
  • Email:  stevens [at] math [dot] ucsd [dot] edu

Tu   9:30 am - 10:50 am PST, via Zoom