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Warning: my notes are still in a state of construction -- you will find lots of redundancies with lecture notes as a result.  I will try to inform you what sections I am following in class. Any corrections or suggestions on these notes will be greatly appreciated.

Click on the Link below to download the appropriate section of the lecture notes. (I will leave up old versions for reference but will continue to update the notes -- hence the newer versions.) 


Date Modified

240 Lecture Notes (Version 1)


Fundamental Theorem of Calc. 1/13/2012
240Lecture_Notes_(Version 2) 1/24/2012
240Lecture_Notes_(Version 3) 2/13/2012
240Lecture_Notes_(Version 4) 2/22/2012
240Lecture_Notes_(Version 5) [small edits and additions over version 4.] 3/9/2012
240Lecture_Notes_Ver6.pdf 4/4/2012
240Lecture_Notes_Ver7.pdf 4/20/2012
240Lecture_Notes_Ver8.pdf (Added Laplace Trans.) 5/7/2012