Math 200c Spring 2011


The quarter is now over. Please contact me to make an appointment if you want to see and talk over your qual exam. A blank copy of the qual exam is posted below the homework, in case you want to think more about problems you missed. Otherwise have a good summer!



Name Office E-mail Phone Office Hours Lecture Time Lecture Place
Prof. Daniel Rogalski AP&M 5131 534-4421 Tue 11am-12pm, Fri. 1-2pm MWF 11-11:50pm AP&M 5402

Teaching Assistants:

Name Office E-mail Office Hours
Joel Dodge 6351 AP&M Mon. 1-2, Wed. 2-3

Course description:

This is the third quarter of the three-part graduate algebra sequence. We will cover tensor products, an introduction to algebraic geometry, an introduction to noncommutative rings, and an introduction to representations of finite groups. While all of the topics covered this quarter are fundamental to further study in algebra, the qualifying exam will be based only on the material covered in the first two quarters of Math 200 and the very beginning of this quarter only (tensor products and maybe a bit more.)


D. Dummit, R. M. Foote, Abstract Algebra, 3rd edition.


I will assign grades considering your record on homework and exams as a whole. Roughly, your grade is likely to correspond to your result on the qual (if you take it): A = PhD Pass, A- = Provisional PhD Pass, B+/B = Master's Pass, C = not a passing grade on the qual. With excellent homework your final grade might be better than your qual result, and with little or no homework your final grade might be worse. If you do not plan to take the qual, the default will be to base your final grade on the homework assignments. This course is graded seriously, so you should not register for the course if you are not prepared to hand in the homework.


The only exam will be the qualifying exam which will be in late May, which substitutes for a final exam. Please see Lois Stewart to sign up for the qual if you plan to take it.


The homework will be due roughly every two weeks, with the first homework set not due until week 2. Copying your homework answers from another student or from an online source is academically dishonest, and is almost sure to lead to a poor qual result.

What we plan to cover:

The topics we plan to cover are for the most part found in the textbook in some form. The relevant sections are 10.4, 10.5, Chapter 15, and Chapter 18-19. Time permitting, we may cover a few other sections in the text. Wedderburn's classification theorem on semisimple algebras is not proved in the text; so that topic will be based primarily on course notes.

Lecture Summaries