(858) 534-3590


(858) 534-5273

Mailing Address

Department of Mathematics
University of California, San Diego (UCSD)
9500 Gilman Drive # 0112
La Jolla, CA  92093-0112
United States of America (USA)

Physical Address / Location

2985 Muir Lane
UCSD Math, APM 7409
La Jolla, CA  92093

Applied Physics & Mathematics Building (AP&M)
Room 7409 (7th Floor)
Open Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Questions regarding anything about the undergraduate program (e.g. undergraduate courses, admissions, majors, transfer credit equivalencies, enrollment authorizations, petitions, planned course offerings, tutoring, etc.) should be sent to

Questions regarding anything about the graduate program (e.g. graduate courses, degree offerings, etc.) should be sent to Admissions questions to be sent to

General IT questions can be sent to Technical questions regarding the website and all other questions can be sent to

For faster response, please send any academic/instruction-related questions directly to the appropriate email address for the undergraduate/graduate programs listed above instead of to the webmaster. If your question is urgent due to an immediate deadline, please instead telephone the department during university business hours.

For specific information about individual members of the Mathematics department (email addresses, phone numbers, offices, etc.), please see the alphabetical department directory.


From the Airport

San Diego International Airport - Lindbergh Field (SAN) is the nearest major public airport, about 14 miles south of UCSD. There are a number of private shuttles, taxi, and rideshare services around the airport that offer transportation directly to UCSD. As of September 2022, price is roughly ~$50.00 and the commute time is about 25 minutes (subject to traffic delays).

Another option (less expensive but more time consuming - about 1-hour total transit time) is to use public transportation:

  • Take the "San Diego Flyer" shuttle from the Airport to the "Old Town Transit Center" trolley station, then take the "Blue Line Trolley" (light rail transit) to the UCSD Central Campus station.
  • OR
  • Take the "Bus Route 992" from the Airport to the "Broadway and Kettner Blvd" bus stop, walk north across the Broadway street to the America Plaza trolley station, then take the "Blue Line Trolley" (light rail transit) to the UCSD Central Campus station.

After your arrival to the airport, be sure to double-check the schedule and availability for all public transportation routes to confirm they are still available as they are subject to change.


Driving from North of La Jolla

  • Take Interstate 5 South.
  • Exit on the La Jolla Village Drive offramp.
  • Turn right (continuing West).

Driving from South of La Jolla

  • Take Interstate 5 North.
  • Exit on the La Jolla Village Drive offramp.
  • Turn left (continuing West).


  • La Jolla Village Drive will curve and become North Torrey Pines Road.
  • Turn right at Muir College Drive (continuing East) to enter the campus. 
  • Go past the Scholars Drive North intersection. You should see the multi-level underground Scholars Parking Structure directly ahead in the corner. It is below the "Catalyst" and "Mosaic" buildings. 
  • Immediately, turn right into the Scholars Parking Structure north-side entrance.
  • Park in any of the parking spaces marked with a black-and-white "V".  Do not park in any of the red "A" spaces, green "B" spaces, yellow "S" spaces, or spaces with restricted usage signs (e.g. RESERVED, UC Vehicle Only, etc.).
  • Buy a visitor parking permit at a pay station kiosk using a credit card OR Pay by App (ParkMobile - Use zone number "4752" for UCSD Main Campus).  As of July 2023, visitor parking permits are \$4.20/hour or \$33.60/day (prices subject to change).  Don't forget to account for the walking travel time between your parking space and the AP&M building.
  • If you do not purchase a valid parking permit for the parking space, you risk being fined by UCSD Police.  As of July 2023, parking citation penalty fines are $80.00+ per violation (fines subject to change).
  • The Applied Physics and Mathematics (AP&M) Building is located south of the Scholars Parking Structure (about a ~2-minute walk).  See UCSD Maps below.

Due to campuswide parking congestion/construction and frequently-changing parking lot restrictions/reservations, visitors should arrive early before any scheduled appointments/events in order to obtain a valid parking permit and parking space.
As of June 18, 2018, Parking Lots P207 and P208 closest to AP&M that were listed in older campus maps have permanently closed and were replaced with the Scholars Parking Structure in Fall 2020.
Other nearby parking to AP&M are Parking Lots P206, P303, P304, P416, the Pangea Parking Structure, the Hopkins Parking Structure, and the Osler Parking Structure. Please see Visitor Parking for more detailed information.  Parking without a valid permit of the correct type for the parking space may result in being fined by UCSD Police.  You are responsible for obtaining a valid parking permit for your parked vehicle at all times.


Main Offices

Contact Office Phone
Undergraduate Program AP&M 7409 (858) 534-3590
Graduate Program AP&M 7414 (858) 534-0506
Math Testing & Placement MHA 1722 (858) 534-3373
MSO (Business Officer) AP&M 7331 (858) 534-3593
Department Chair AP&M 7301  
IT AP&M 5018 (858) 534-2762