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Number Theory Algebraic Number Theory Arithmetic Geometry

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Ph.D., Mathematics, Ohio State University, 1996


Cristian Popescu received his Ph.D. in Mathematics at Ohio State University in 1996, under the supervision of Karl Rubin. For the next 4 years he held post-doctoral positions at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute in Berkeley and the University of Texas at Austin, conducting research under the supervision of Ken Ribet and John Tate. Since then, Popescu has held faculty positions at Johns Hopkins University (2000-2003) and the University of California, San Diego (2003-present). Popescu is an expert in a broad range of topics related to algebraic number theory and arithmetic geometry, especially Iwasawa Theory, special values of global and p-adic L-functions, K-theory and etale cohomology, Drinfeld modules etc.


Fellow of the American Mathematical Society, Class of 2021
Simons Fellow in Mathematics, Harvard University, 2015-2016
Simion Stoilow Prize of the Romanian Academy of Science, 2005
Honorary Member of the Simion Stoilow Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy of Science, 2005 - present