The majority of information that students ask for advising help with is available online at the UC San Diego student web site, in the campus General Catalog, or in the Department FAQ. Students are encouraged to responsibly check these sites.

There are times when an in-person visit is essential (for example, because you need to have a document reviewed/approved or you need advice).

Two types of advising meetings exist:

(1) Virtual Walk-in major advising: Hours are posted each week on the homepage of the Department of Mathematics website. Walk-ins are for things like course planning, double-major questions, signatures on appeal forms, post-graduation goals, and other mathematics major-related questions. Most walk-in visits should take no more than 10 minutes. Please be sure to have all relevant documents, such as quarter-by-quarter plans or personal statements, completed to the best of your ability before signing in to the Virtual Advising Center for a walk-in session.

If you come for an advising session, but documents still need to be filled out, we will ask you to complete them before seeing an advisor.

Virtual Walk-in hours may be subject to change. Please visit the Department of Mathematics website in advance for specific walk-in hours.

(2) Advising appointments: If you need to see an advisor, but are unable to do so during walk-in hours, OR if you need assistance from an advisor that will take longer than 10 minutes, you may request an advising appointment by filing out this form or by submitting a request through the Virtual Advising Center (VAC). Individuals without VAC access may contact the Math Undergraduate Advising Office via

Email advising: As a university student, you have an obligation to stay informed of campus, college, and department policies. Part of that responsibility involves your regularly and frequently reading and attending to electronic communication from campus officials. (See UC San Diego Policy Manual: Using Electronic Communications for Official Communications with Students.)

We try not to spam students with information not relevant to them. If you receive an email or a VAC message from the Department of Mathematics advising staff, please read it promptly as it will contain important information. Failure to read emails in a timely fashion is not a legitimate excuse for missing deadlines or updates to department procedures.