Welcome to the Department of Mathematics at the University of California, San Diego. (The official abbreviation for the campus is “UC San Diego”, though you may still see the outdated “UCSD” used in some places.)

This online handbook is for learning about the Department and its undergraduate program. (A separate online “book” exists for the Department’s graduate student population.) All information can be accessed through the horizontal menu bar above.

This is a work in progress, and new/updated content will be posted over time.

If the information that you need is not found in this book, here are other online sources of help:

– UC San Diego Department of Mathematics web site: math.ucsd.edu. (Individual course web pages, planned course offerings for current and/or upcoming academic year, calculus tutoring room information, faculty member information, and other are included. For undergraduate major curricula, refer to the UC San Diego General Catalog.)

– UC San Diego General Catalog online: catalog.ucsd.edu. (Contains descriptions of all courses offered by the campus and the curriculum for each major. Also included are most policies relevant to earning a degree.)

– UC San Diego student web site: students.ucsd.edu. (Has links to most online resources relevant to being a student. If you can not find what you need at that page, use its search feature.)

To express comments or ask questions about this handbook, please e-mail mathadvising@math.ucsd.edu. Be as specific as possible in whatever you say.

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