Melvin Leok Receives Lattimer Research Fellow


Congratulations to Melvin Leok on receiving the George W. and Carol A. Lattimer Research Fellowship. The award is designed to support innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and cross-disciplinary initiatives to generate new ideas and research areas.

April 16, 2024

Jacques Verstraete receives 2024 Frontiers of Science Award in Mathematics


Congratulations to Jacques Verstraete for being selected by the International Congress of Basic Sciences as a recipient of the 2024 Frontiers of Science Award in Mathematics. Instituted in 2023 under the auspices of the ICBS and sponsored by the City of Beijing and the Yanqi Lake Beijing Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Application (BIMSA), the FSA recognizes groundbreaking research through recent papers that have made significant breakthroughs in their respective fields. Nominations for the award are open to researchers worldwide, with a panel of esteemed experts reviewing and shortlisting candidates across various research areas. Winners are then selected by a Global Committee appointed by the ICBS. The awardees are invited to accept the honor in person at the ICBS event held in July 2024 at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China. In 2023, a total of one hundred thirty-two awards were presented across Mathematics, Theoretical Physics, and Theoretical Computer and Information Sciences. For further details, please refer to:

April 15, 2024

Amir Mohammadi honored with 2024 Brin Prize in Dynamical Systems


Congratulations to Amir Mohammadi for being honored with the prestigious 2024 Brin Prize in Dynamical Systems. Sponsored by Google co-founder Sergey Brin and established in honor of Michael Brin, a retired math professor from the University of Maryland renowned for his work in dynamical systems, this esteemed prize recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the field. Notably, the recipient must be within 14 years of receiving their PhD. Since its inception in 2008, the Brin Prize has been awarded biennially until 2017, after which it became an annual event. As of this year, there have been thirteenth recipients of this award, with some past awardees subsequently going on to receive the Fields Medal, one of the highest honors in mathematics. For more information, please visit:


April 15, 2024

Honors Presentations 2024


The 2024 Honors Presentation will be taking place on Thursday, March 7th.  

  • 4:00 PM - Deepansha Singh (APM 5402)
    • Federated Learning and Consensus-Based Optimization Techniques in the Federated Learning Space

February 28, 2024

Directed Reading Program in Mathematics

Graduate, Undergraduate

The Directed Reading Program in Mathematics pairs undergraduate participants with graduate student mentors to read a selected math text/paper.  It is designed to give undergraduates the ability to explore topics they might not see in the standard curriculum in a fun and stress-free environment.

Aimed at UCSD undergraduate Mathematics majors, the program could be suitable for undergraduates from any major who would like to further explore the field - applicants must have completed (or be in the process of taking) one of the Math 100/200, 220, or 140/240 series.

For more information, please go to the DRP website

February 14, 2024

Congratulations to Hui Tan in receiving the Carol & George Lattimer Award


Congratulations to the 2023-2024 Carol & George Lattimer Award for Graduate Excellence math major recipient, Hui Tan!

January 4, 2024

Congratulations to the recipients of 2023-2024 Dean's Undergraduate Award for Excellence


Congratulations to our 12 undergraduate math majors who have been named among the recipients of the 2023-2024 Dean's Undergraduate Award for Excellence!  The recipients are Jiaxin Ye, Xiaoyan He, Jake Kosakoff, Jared Hughes, Yongce Li, Sean Chen, Deepansha Singh, MingCheng Sheng, Siyuan Zheng, Eugene Chiou, Xun Gong, and Felix Peng.
Additionally, Congratulations to the 2023-2024 Selma and Robert Silagi Undergraduate Award for Excellence math major recipient, Linghao Zhang!

January 4, 2024

Professor Ruth Williams received an honorary Doctor of Science


On December 11, 2023, Ruth Williams received an honorary Doctor of Science from the University Of Melbourne, Australia. View list of honorary degree holders here.

December 11, 2023

SEW Srivatsav Kunnawalkam Elayavalli receives UCLA Chancellor's Award for Postdoctoral Research


Congratulations to Srivatsav Kunnawalkam Elayavalli on receiving UCLA Chancellor's Award!

November 14, 2023

Congratulations to Freddie Manners - Proof of the 'Polynomial Freiman--Ruzsa Conjecture' (conjectured by K. Marton)


Tim Gowers, Ben Green, Freddie Manners and Terry Tao have now solved it over a field of characteristic 2. Congratulations! Read more

November 13, 2023